E&M’s software systems help you organize and update membership data in one place. Produced for you by our Microsoft Gold Certified for software development competency programmers, these products are available for Associations and Chambers on app and/or website application to access and manage content with ease. These software systems have two distinct advantages. The first is a comprehensive communications app. The second is a widget that customizes home screens after login based on who signs in. Members have tailored screens, allowing them to interact with one another and keep updated with Association or Chamber information, while administrators can organize information from an easily navigated home page.

AMS (Association Management Software)

The Association Management Software (AMS) effectively manages Association details from an easy-to-use online platform. Administrators successfully organize membership content on its simple interface. Specific groups can be created, such as Board of Directors or specialized committees, and members can be added, deleted, expanded on, and customized. The AMS also aids in creating events, messages, and blog posts to reach your members efficiently.


  • Website content management
  • Optional website & app integration
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Online membership directory & buyers guide
  • Scheduled marketing
  • Newsfeed integration
  • Social media integration
  • Events calendar
  • Event registration and payment
  • And more!

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MAT (Online Exhibitor
Registration Software)

E&M has created the latest exhibitor sales software featuring an interactive online map, updated in real time, so exhibitors can instantly see what booths are available. Exhibitors can pay for their booth(s), upload insurance and W-9 forms, receive receipts, and buy sponsorships and advertising. There is also the convenience of linking purchases to your payment gateway for easy tracking and A.R. processing. Save your Association or Chamber hours of staff time and easily monitor sales and profits all in one place.


  • Interactive online map
  • Monitor sales and profits in one place
  • Receive receipts
  • Upload insurance & W9 forms
  • And more!

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